About Us

About Virtue Bridges

Virtue Bridges facilitates a process for remembering our true selves. Each virtue bestowed upon our souls by the One Creator offers a unique vibration that assists us in structuring and restructuring ourselves and our lives. In service to a humanity beset by multiple consequences of forgetting their true purpose on earth, Virtue Bridges is a tool for remembering our oneness.

Introducing Jeanette Collins Coffey

Jeanette Collins Coffey, founder of Virtue Bridges, initially experienced the healing vibrations inherent in the virtues in 1999 when challenged by a life-threatening illness. Through the pursuit of numerous paths of healing, she began to understand that virtues are inherent in all created things. Virtue Bridges birthed out of her soul’s yearning to heal the multiple separations of heart, mind, and body. Through the support of the transformative vibrations of the virtues, she began to restructure her thoughts, emotions, body, relationships, and patterns of daily life. Her book, Virtue Bridges for Remembering Oneness, describes the process of learning to restructure one’s self. She also offers this remembering process to others through talks, workshops, and private healing sessions.

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