Virtues offer their healing remedies to us so that we can restructure our minds, hearts, bodies, relationships, work, and daily life with their vibrations. For example, an absence of patience results in impatient thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. A repetitive absence of a virtue can eventually contribute to physical issues as well as relationship struggles.

The One Creator endows every created thing with a virtue. Each member of the Kingdoms of Spirit (mineral, plant, animal, and human) offers a healing frequency of a virtue. A thought of impatience can be balanced by a flower essence remedy such as aloe. Repetitive, impatient behaviors that may have affected the heart can be remedied by the calming influence of the herb known as hawthorn berry or a crystal such as petrified wood. The dance of relationship in the human kingdom often offers context opportunities for healing the absence of patience. Ultimately, the utterance of the Divine attribute known as Patience invokes the quintessential vibration for healing impatience.

A Session

A one-hour consultation with Jeanette Coffey facilitates the identification of a virtue that can assist in the present growth process of structuring oneself with virtues. A session can also offer a virtues-based remedy for restructuring oneself and one’s life through a dynamic, synergistic healing process. The remedy may include virtue vibrations from any or all of the Kingdoms of Spirit as well as color, sound, and movement. The process includes the following concepts:

  • What virtue supports me?
  • What patterns of forgetting block me from the expression of a virtue?
  • What tools or healing systems activate the transformative and healing vibration of the virtue?

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