Virtue Call: Unity

The virtue of unity is so powerful that the light of its emanation from the One Creator can illumine the hearts, minds, and lives of all that dwell on earth. It is a glorious attribute of the Creator that is gifted to humanity so that we can structure our lives and ourselves with balance, harmony, coherence, connectedness, and cohesiveness. When we are in unity, our soul is like an inner mirror reflecting all of the attributes of the One Creator without smudges. The inner mirror of our true selves fully reflects the Oneness of the Essence of Essences when it is in a pure and shining condition; however, this earth world provides a multitude of daily experiences that challenge our choice of unity. We have many words that convey conditions of disunity such as war, disease, contention, divorce, prejudice, crime, suffering, or pain. These are words of inner and outer separation from the One Source of life. The syllables and sounds of the word Unity restore us when we have left the oneness within our true selves and manifested a state of disunity in our bodies, minds, or spirits that also reflects in our relationships, work, or daily life.

It is my personal practice to greet each dawn with joy and reverence for this earth life. In the early morning quietness, my soul is more attuned to oneness as I listen to first birdsong, experience the warming rays of a rising sun, and offer my own prayerful murmurings of the spirit. Others prefer the stillness of the late night hours when one can step out under a star-filled night and experience that mysterious, connecting force of oneness with the Source of all.

After my “greet the dawn” meditative practice, the day’s beginning activities often feel like a disruption of the free flowing harmony within me. Thoughts and behaviors begin to intrude that are notably in contrast with the sweet oneness within my core. Each day presents challenges that I alternately bless or curse since they specifically nudge my continued growth.

My present challenge revolves around innumerable daily opportunities to trust my deepest truth. For example, my deepest truth this morning is to write this latest virtue call before other daily activities intrude. Yesterday, I did not listen to this truth and followed the energy of whatever appeared with a conviction that I was attuned to the choices that were correct for the moment. By evening, the reflection of unity in my inner mirror had a big daub of mud on it! I experienced frustration, guilt, resentment, and regret that I had not written the words that have been nudging me for several days. These feelings and thoughts separated me from the oneness, the unity, within my true self.


Separation (disunity) occurs through the absence of an attribute of the One Creator. In order to restore myself to a sense of oneness with the Divine, I once again turn to an aspect of the virtue of wisdom that encourages me to trust my deepest truth. I have some favorite virtues that are the frequent healers of my own personal journeys into separations of mind, heart, and spirit. Incoherent thoughts are unraveled and restored by decisiveness. Inharmonious interactions with others find healing through acceptance for their choices as well as my own. A sense of disconnection from the Creator mysteriously dissolves through the restorative moments of awe that I often experience in the early morning time of meditation. My stuttering heart still strives daily to love and to be loved.

When I slip into forgetting unity through imbalances that are manifested in my thoughts, emotions, or even body dysfunctions, I restore the disharmonies with a healing virtue such as mindfulness, acceptance, or kindness. These divine remedies are like windshield wipers that cleanse the impurities from the inner mirror of my true self so that I once again remember unity with the Creator.

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